Finding Great Food on the Road

English: Mexican Restaurant

English: Mexican Restaurant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things my wife and I love to do when travelling is to find local restaurants to try. For several years we’ve followed the Roadfood website and watched Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives looking for places to try while on the road. Well today I got serious about it; I became a subscriber to the Roadfood Insider program. With this membership you get access to the mobile website so you’re able to access the entire database on your tablet or mobile phone and see what restaurants are in the neighborhood. No more searching through the book for the closest restaurant, just open the website and “Find Nearby Restaurants” this is very exciting. But what about DDD? Well… there’s an app for that. Diners Drive ins Dives Finder by With this app you’re able to key in your location, either by zip code or name and find out what’s close. When you pick the location you’re then able to list the closest restaurants and when you select them you get the details, episode and location so you’re able to click and go. I’m really looking forward to my next trip to give it all a try.


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